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School History

School History



From a humble beginning in rented premises in Kampong Bahru, Chiang Teck School started functioning in 1921. It served mainly poor Chinese homes with Chinese as the medium of instruction. In 1923, the school building with 4 classrooms and a teacher’s hostel was built and the enrollment soon grew to 300 pupils. The school stopped its operations during World War II and was reconstructed in 1945 to serve some 500 pupils.





Zhangde Primary School (Hanyu Pinyin for Chiang Teck) was established on 10th September 1984 with pupils from Outram Primary School. The next few years that followed, the school absorbed the pupils who have yet to complete their education of Kai Ming Primary School, Silat Primary School and Keppel Primary School when the schools closed down.






2000 onwards

On 30th December 2004, Zhangde Primary School moved to its current site at Jalan Membina. In 2012, the school underwent PERI grading which saw the completion of the Indoor Sports Hall with added facilities such as the Indoor Basketball Court and some Special Rooms. The school turned single session in 2013. The current enrolment stands at 1420.

Building on the concept of Environment as the Third Teacher, Zhangde Primary has transformed many of its physical spaces into learning galleries, learning gardens and outdoor classrooms for our students. In recognition of Zhangde’s green efforts, the school was awarded the Programme for School-Based Excellence (PSE) in Environmental Education in 2010. Environment Education has since been integrated into our curriculum to enrich students’ learning. In March 2016, the school has transited from our niche, Environment Education to our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – ‘Developing Zhangde GIVER3S Values Through Environment Education’. In the same year, the school was awarded the Diamond Award for Community in Bloom 2016 and attained once again the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award in the Singapore Environment Council – StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) for her environment efforts.

We strive to be a Learning School with a GIVER3S Heart with the mission to nurture thinking individuals and gracious citizens. We will continue with our goal to provide every child with the opportunity to develop holistically and maximise his or her potential. Children at a young age are like seedlings in a garden.  Their growth depends on the tender loving care provided by the ones who nurture them with love and care. The experiences they have at home and in school, and in particular with their parents and teachers can shape their personality, behaviour and development. In Zhangde, our teachers strive to care, lead and inspire every child to blossom.

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