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Environment Club

Environment Club

Environment Club aims to promote greater awareness and appreciation towards the natural environment in our school, community and our country Singapore. In doing so, it encourages our pupils to be more environmentally conscious and most importantly have a greater sense of environmental responsibility.

Pupils learn about vermi-composting and take on initiatives such as using the vermi-tea to fertilise the vegetables and other plants and trees in the school gardens. They also tend to our school gardens and conduct weekly maintenance of it with the help of parent volunteers.

Concurrently, teachers also conduct hands-on activities which bring greater awareness of our environment. For example, topics covered include: Recycling of food waste, Global warming, Identification of flora & fauna, Habitats, Introduction of ferns.

Some pupils are selected to be Garden Rangers. They are trained by our teachers-in-charge about the different types of plants found in our school’s Forest of Feelings. These pupils get a chance to showcase their expertise to parents during school events as well as school visits as they lead visitors on garden trails and introduce the various species of plants in our school gardens. Environmental Champions conducts sharing sessions with the rest of the club members as well as the school to create greater awareness in environmental conservation. There is so much fun and learning through all these real life experiences and applications.

Character development is developed through their resilience and responsibility in passionately tending to the school gardens.


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