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Indian Dance

Indian Dance

The Indian Dance Club was formed in 2006 with a small group of pupils. Currently we have a total of 30 pupils from P3-P6. The main objective of the CCA is to promote the passion for Indian dance among pupils and provide opportunities to expose and develop their talent. It is also a platform for pupils to showcase their capabilities and strengths in the performing arts such as dance.

With the guidance from the dance instructor and teachers, pupils master the basic movements of this art form. Throughout this journey of learning, our dancers have displayed resilience and determination. It has played a significant role in instilling the school’s core values in our pupils, as well as equipping them with 21st century skills. Pupils are exposed to national competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) every two years. They are also given the opportunity to perform in school events and programmes organized by external organizations. We are proud to achieve the Certificate of Distinction this year for our Indian Dance in the SYF Arts Presentation 2016.

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