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2000: Zhangde became the first school in Singapore to receive the People Developer Award.
2001: The school song was rearranged to inject a different flavour and cater to a new generation of students.
2002: Mr Mark Loo Hi Cheng, Mr Loo’s grandson joined the board and served till 2010.
2003: Staff and students staff of Zhangde began calling themselves ‘Zhangde-rens’ to create a distinct identity and sense of belonging to the school.
2003:The school received the Lotus Award for its engagement in environmental conservation.

2004:  The school moved into a modern new campus in 51 Jalan Membina on 30 December. With the help of a $50 000 donation from the descendants of Mr Loo Kian Chiang, a library was built in commemoration of his passion for education.

      Achieved People Developer Standards (PDS) Award in 2000


       In 2001, the school started her Green Movement and received the Hibiscus Award from Singapore Environment Council