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Learning Environment

Learning Environment


Learning Garden – Jurassic Forest of Ferns

Travel back in time and witness for yourself what our landscape looked like more than 200 million years ago. This is our Jurassic Forest of Ferns where plants that filled the rugged land before any man ever walked the earth are found.

Be awed by ferns as large as trees and some with fronds bigger than you can imagine. Be spellbound by the unique characteristics that ferns have which separates them from the rest of green plants that we know today. Majestic undoubtedly earn the respect of all visitors.



Learning Garden – Forest of Feelings

Come visit the Healing Forest of the Elves where fascinating plants with healing properties await you. Get to know about the usefulness of more than 40 different types of trees and shrubs many of which we take highly for granted.

Be enlightened by our well-trained and eloquent student guides as they walk you through this bewildering forest that contain plants that may hold the key to the cure for many seemingly incurable diseases such as cancer.

This experience promises to provide you a different perspective on plants altogether and alter your impression of the intrinsic value of plants forever.



Learning Garden – Heritage Garden

The Heritage Garden of Zhangde uniquely marries botany with the history of Singapore. The innovative blend of these two elements seeks to enlighten anyone about the transformation of our country from as far back as the 1800s to the present through botanical eyes. Plants prominently prevalent during the different time frames of Singapore’s history are featured in different sections of the garden to explain the different lifestyle of her inhabitants and their focus pertaining to each period. Taking a stroll in the garden will bring one back in time to trace the history and development of Singapore from its beginning as a fishing village to the present era of a more refined, creative and innovative society. Come witness our country’s phenomenal transformation and growth in style!



Learning Restrooms

Visits to restrooms will no longer become an unnerving experience. In Zhangde Primary School, the once humble toilets are transformed into beautiful and conducive restrooms infused with the element of learning. These restrooms are kept in good condition through cleverly inculcating in pupils a sense of ownership and pride for their restrooms through the Adopt a Restroom programme. Different restrooms are designed with different themes such as The Living Ocean, Outer Space and Fairy Tales just to name a few. Visit the learning restrooms of Zhangde and leave with pleasant memories that will forever change your impressions of toilets.



Indoor Labrador Nature Reserve Trail

Secrets unfold before your very eyes in places you least expect.

In Zhangde Primary School, you will be privileged to get an exclusive preview of what Labrador Nature Reserve can offer in terms of its historical significance.

Take a stroll down this guided trail amidst lush greenery and witness the war- time relics and military installations left behind by the British at Pasir Panjang Fort built in 1878 to protect Keppel Harbour.




The Art Gallery along the centre stairways of the school was created in 2006 by the Art Club as a learning wall on the brief history of Modern Art Movements. It depicts some of the famous art works by the Masters of the various eras such as Vincent Van Gogh & Claude Monet (1870 – 80s), Henri Matisse & Van Gogh (1905-20s), Wassily Kandinsky & Pablo Picasso (1907 – 20s) and M. C. Escher & Salvador Dali (1924 – 1955). These are but, a few of the Masters and their paintings that we want to expose our students to. Along other stairways, selected students art pieces produced during their art lessons are showcased.



Loo Kian Cheang Library

Journey to the Land of Imagination through the doors of the Loo Kian Cheang Library!






Potters’ Haven

Potters’ Haven Ceramics is part of the schools Primary 6 Art curriculum since 2007. The Potters’ Haven was conceptualized and developed to support the Ceramics Programme and has been in use since 2014. It is an open classroom, sandwiched between the schools Fern garden and the Orchard Lane, where rows of fruit trees are grown. The Potters’ Haven is equipped with an electric kiln, where all pupils art works are fired and to enhance the learning of Ceramics.


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