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Learning for Life Programme

Learning for Life Programme – OE @ ZPS

Zhangde Primary School’s vision of a Learning School, GIVER3S Heart undergirds the school’s DARE@ZPS’s approach towards creating a vibrant and robust learning environment for Outdoor Education, anchored in values.


Discovery – Discovering of self and the world around us;

Adventure – Acting on adventure and the ‘can-do’ spirit;

Relationship Building – Reinforcing relationships and building friendship; and

Esprit de-Corps – Embracing others, accepting differences and diversity.

DARE@ZPS aims to immerse our students in an environment of outdoor and sporting activities to develop socio-emotional competencies and sound values. Learning for Life Programme on Outdoor Education also acts as a platform to instil in our students a spirit of adventure through the exploration of both natural and urbanised environments starting with the local context and extending it to the rugged outdoor locations. The real-life experiential learning also helps students develop character, cultivate positive attitudes and self-expression, build friendships and work as a team towards common goals as well as embrace others through community engagement.

DARE@ZPS is also aligned to the school’s mission of “Nurturing Thinking Individuals and Gracious Citizens’ in our students. This is coupled with the strong focus on the school’s

GIVER3S values where our students will embrace giving and contributing back to the society.

OE@ZPS 3E Tiered Approach

The Outdoor Education Framework is executed through a 3E (Experience, Extend and Embrace) tiered approach both during curriculum or outside curriculum time

Tier 1 – Experience

All students from Primary 1 to 6 are offered a range of learning experiences that are age-appropriate for their learning.  Students are given the opportunity to develop Outdoor Education skills through PE Outdoor Education curriculum, Sport Education Programmes and Outdoor Camps. Arising from students’ concrete experience of doing, they reflect and draw conclusion to apply their learning to enhance self-management (self-discovery) and build on their social emotional competencies as well as life skills. Every student is given the same opportunity to ignite their joy and ‘DARE’ in learning. 

Tier 2 – Extend

Students with interest and aptitude will be given further opportunities to hone their Outdoor Education skills through extended skill training in their various roles. Students from CCAs, Prefects, Physical Education, National Education and Environment leaders, and Outdoor Education interest group will engage in outdoor experiences through expeditions and local or overseas camps

Tier 3 - Embrace

With their OE and sports experience, selected students will be given opportunities to apply their extended skills and become advocates for Outdoor Education and Environment Education. Students will participate in Outreach through level Values-In-Action in school and community engagement programmes. Tier 3 is the pinnacle of growth and contribution where students embrace and give back and contribute to the society.