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Guides for P6 Parents and Students 

S1 Posting Exercise

MOE has released the indicative PSLE Score ranges for individual secondary schools. The following are key information from the announcement:

• The indicative PSLE Score ranges for individual secondary schools serve as a good reference point for you and your child/ward as you begin considering secondary school choices.

• Besides the indicative PSLE Score ranges, there are other equally important factors to consider when choosing a secondary school such as schools’ distinctive programmes, schools’ ethos and culture, CCAs as well as home-school distance.

• Your child/ward can also consider the Direct School Admission for secondary schools (DSA-Sec) as an alternative admission pathway.

To support you and your child/ward to choose suitable secondary schools under the new PSLE Scoring System, MOE has provided the following resources:

1.    The SchoolFinder website which has information on individual secondary schools and their school programmes,             locations etc. The SchoolFinder is an online tool that allows users to search and make a shortlist of schools             based on a set of criteria.



2.    The PSLE-Full Subject Based Banding (PSLE-FSBB) Microsite which provides information on commonly asked              questions and a Score Calculator to generate possible courses and schools that your child/ward may be eligible            for. 


        Click here to access the Score Calculator directly.

        Click here to access the resource page directly for more information regarding S1 posting .

3.    Other resources:





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If you have any questions regarding the S1 posting, you may also submit using this form.