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Workshops / Seminars

 Colours of the Mind

PSLE Special : Empowered to be a Parent-Coach


Call of Daddy - Fatherhood OPS



Money Sense Workshops

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Colours of the Mind

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A Guide for Mums: The Power of Moments – Making the Most of Each One

Head over to www.family.org.sg/EverySeasonMatters or the link in bio to download a digital copy of The Power of Moments Guide for Mums. It's free for the first 1,500 mums so get your copy now!



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HPB Parents’ Newsletters (Editions 1 and 2 out of 3)

Edition 1: 

Sharing of HPB programmes for students in schools, and how parents can continue building healthy habits at home for their children. The first edition (in the series of 3) addresses the following questions:

·       What types of healthy food are sold in my child’s school?

·       How can I continue preparing healthy food at home for my child?

·       Embark on the “One-Week Eat Healthy” Challenge with your children!

·       Does my child’s school provide any programmes to help with stress?

·       Vaping: What is it?

·       How do I keep safe, hygiene and clean at home?





Edition 2

What parents can do to help their children through big transitions like transition to Primary or Secondary School.

·       What can your child expect in terms of the transition of food served in preschool and primary school.

·       How can I prepare my child to make good food decisions in school?

·       How do I help my child through a major transition like a change of schools?

·       Start a wellness journal with your child.

·       Vaping, The myths and facts.  How can you spot signs in your child?

·       Role model good personal hygiene habits





Healthy Eating and Healthy Living (HEAL) Workshop

Have you had concerns about your child eating behaviours? Do you struggle to find healthier options when eating out? Do you want to learn how to make smart food choices for your family? Find the answers to your questions and learn more about how to lead an active lifestyle for your child through this workshop.

Workshop dates have been included in the registration links. Click the EDM or direct links below for more information. 


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Colours of the Mind  (COTM) Workshop

Parents will learn the knowledge and skills to better communicate with their children and take control of their personal wellbeing. The workshop focused on three domains; Positive Functioning, Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence.

Workshop dates have been included in the registration links. Click the EDM or direct links below for more information. 

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