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New Initiatives

Initiatives Introduced in 2019

1. Hydroponics

A Hydroponics Programme has been introduced to all P5 classes. Each class has the responsibility to grow and care for vegetable seedlings. At the end of 4 weeks, students are able to harvest their crops. In this programme, students learn that there are different methods of growing plants in an urban environment.

Students planting the seedlings and harvesting the crops that they have grown.

2. Terrarium-Making

The P5 students create their own terrariums at the end of the topic on the Water Cycle as a means to consolidate their learning. This incorporates authentic learning as their terrariums are the micro-environments that show the science concepts of evaporation and condensation as key processes of the water cycle, in a real-life situation. It caters to different learners’ profiles and the joy of learning in students is obvious as they immerse themselves in the experience.


Students consolidating their learning as they create their own terrariums.

3. Food Waste Management System

The school has installed a food waste management system at the School canteen. P3 student Leaders and Parent volunteers are involved daily to monitor the process of food waste collected during recess and convert it to semi-compost through the use of the food waste converter. This semi-compost harvested is used to feed the worms in the existing vermi-composting system and then by-products are then used as fertiliser in the school gardens.


Environment leaders collecting food waste after recess and placing them into the food digester.