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Department Vision

Every Zhangde-ren a future-ready and responsible learner.

Outcome Goal

  1. Zhangde-rens’ learning are empowered by technology.
  2. Zhangde-rens are Responsible 21st CC Digital Learners.
  3. Zhangde-rens’ learning are supported by technology.

Department Focus
ICT Focus



The use of ICT in school aims to nurture a community of learners, who possess the 21st century competencies through effective and responsible use of technology. Students will first learn how to use technology then harness it to empower their own learning. This is achieved through the three programmes spearheaded by the ICT Department.

Baseline Programme

Baseline Programme aims to develop 21st century competencies in pupils, through the learning of Basic ICT tools, Coding skills and online collaborative tools such as Google Slides.

Curriculum Integration

ICT is integrated into subjects to empower pupils’ learning. It also aims to encourage pupils to be Self-Directed Learners and ignite their passion for life-long learning.

Cyber Wellness Programme

Cyber Wellness Programme follows the MOE Cyber Wellness Framework and adhered to the guiding Two Principles: ‘Respect for Self and Others’ and ‘Safe and Responsible Use’.

There are three key programmes under Cyber Wellness.

  • Safer Internet Day
  • Cyber Wellness Week
  • Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Programe

These programmes are aligned to our School-Wide Approach “Aware-Behave-Choice”.

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