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Student Development

Student Development

Department Focus

To equip pupils with social and emotional competencies so that they are able to think and act responsibly, respect rules and the right of others while achieving self-discipline and be committed to the GIVER3S values.


Student  Management

Discipline the Heart Way

  • We believe in disciplining the “Heart” way. This practice involves a restorative process in disciplining our pupils. When a pupil misbehaves, there is a need to let the child know that the behaviour is unacceptable. We still accept the child for who he or she is. We condemn the behaviour but not the child!

Student Leadership

Every Zhangderen, A confident and thinking leader

To nurture confident and thinking leaders anchored in GIVER3S values and equipped with leadership skills.

Objectives of this programme:

  • Develop pupils’ leadership competencies so that they can be future ready – to be confident and thinking leaders
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to lead in activities and events that contribute to the school and /or the wider community

Key Programmes for Different Levels

S/N Programme Level Rationale
1. Just4U Programme P3 to P5 This programme aims to equip at-risk pupils, pupils with lack with motivation to study and latch-key pupils with meaningful activities that can be carried out during their free time, study skills and anger management.
2. Orientation Programme P1 to P6 Many interactive activities were planned for pupils during the Orientation Week to help pupils adjust into the school environment.

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