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Department Focus

To nurture enthusiastic pupils who are able to reason logically, communicate mathematically and solve problems confidently.


The curriculum is based on the MOE Primary Mathematics syllabus which is guided by the Mathematics framework. The Mathematics framework focuses on the development of mathematical problem solving ability which involves the five inter-related components, namely, Concepts, Skills, Processes, Attitudes and Metacognition.


In Zhangde Primary, we build on pupils’ prior knowledge and skills and help pupils relate mathematics to everyday life so as to make learning relevant and meaningful. Pupils are provided with learning experiences using different strategies including activity-based learning in order to develop understanding of mathematics concepts and skills. Pupils develop mastery of skills through practice and application of concepts to consolidate and extend their learning.


Pupils are provided with a variety of learning experiences that focus on mathematical skills and concepts to deepen their understanding and develop mastery. Pupils are encouraged to make sense of the various mathematical ideas, reason mathematically and apply mathematics to solve a range of problems including application of mathematics in real-life contexts. To engage pupils in learning, hands-on activities using resources such as manipulatives and play-based activities such as games are conducted.

Key Programmes for Different Levels

S/N Programme Level Rationale
1. Activity-based Learning P1 – P6  

To teach skills and concepts using resources such as manipulatives to develop understanding.


2. Teaching of Problem Solving Heuristics P1 – P6  


To develop problem solving ability through explicit teaching of heuristics.






Mathematics Trails



P1 – P3



To apply mathematical skills and concepts outside their classrooms.


4. Mathematics Olympiad Training Programme P4 – P6 To broaden pupils’ Mathematical knowledge and further develop their problem solving and thinking skills;

To prepare pupils for the Mathematics Olympiad or similar competitions.

5. Mathematics Achievers Programme P5 – P6

To equip pupils with a repertoire of strategies to solve problems of higher-order skills.

To broaden pupils’ Mathematical knowledge and further develop their problem solving and thinking skills.



Mathematics Games


P1 – P6



To reinforce mathematical skills and thinking skills in a fun way.



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