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Department Focus

To develop thinking and gracious citizens through the infusion of vital process skills.



In Zhangde, Science Education is presented in the form of an inquiry. It stretches pupils’ thinking skills, enables then to relate Science to all that is present around them in the environment. They will also be able to relate the uses of Science and its application in their daily life and in Society.


Inquiry-Based Learning, Experiential Learning, Investigative Work


The Science department embarks on programmes to build students' knowledge, values and skills in Science concepts and to enable them to apply and see the relation between Science and the environment around them. These include a variety of approaches such as learning from the environment, small group experiential learning in Science, Science Centre Learning Journeysenrichment programmes to stretch the thinking in higher ability learners.

Key Programmes for Different Levels

S/N Programme
1.Science Centre Enrichment Programmes P3 - P6Students are brought on a learning journey to learn and apply concepts learnt through an enriching experience at the Singapore Science Centre.

2.Garden Trails P3
Students leverage on the environment to learn more about plants and their rich biodiversity, life processes and uses.

Garden Curriculum
Students learn the lifecycle of plants. They grow seeds into seedlings and then into adult plants. In the process, Students understand the necessary conditions that must be suitable for the young seedling to survive.

4. Hydroponics
P5 students grow seedlings in a soilless environment. They learn that this is useful in Singapore where land is scarce. They learn how water can be efficiently used and also how the environmental factors affecting plant growth are controlled.

5. Science OlympiadP4 & P5 HP pupils
To develop the higher order thinking skills in pupils.