Rope Skipping

In Jump Rope CCA, students skip their way to greater fitness and agility as they pick up and master various kinaesthetic skills in skipping. In so doing, they acquire values and dispositions that help them understand who they are and who they can become. The values of endurance, resilience and perseverance are often exhorted. Those with potential and are willing to excel are identified to join the school team. Members of the school team are given the platform to participate in jump rope competitions to further challenge themselves in this sport. Other members are given the opportunities to continue to hone their skills and seek improvement in their abilities.

Students identified for leadership roles in the CCA are given the opportunities to lead and train the younger members. The CCA leaders are called upon to not just impart the kinaesthetic skills in jump rope, but also to influence their juniors with positive attitude and mind sets. 

We are pleased that our CCA members enjoy the sport as well as the social interactions and teamwork during training practices and competitions.