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The engaging sport of basketball not only enhances one’s overall fitness but it also helps to strengthen discipline, camaraderie and teamwork amongst players. At our friendly but focused playing environment, leaders are molded and given opportunities to excel in the various critical aspects of the sport, such as rebounding or lay-ups, under the technical guidance of a dedicated and passionate coach. During the annual competitive sessions, the players would also be able to further enhance their psycho-motor skills, stamina, sportsmanship and confidence. There would be many opportunities for each player to gradually realise his true potential and develop resilience.


In this CCA, we welcome pupils who are interested in learning and playing basketball. The skills and techniques used in playing basketball will be taught and practiced weekly during CCA and extra practices. Skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, offence and defence are taught and these contribute to building on pupils’ physical strength and stamina which are essential in every sports activity.

Additionally, values such as self-discipline, perseverance, team-work, resilience, commitment and dedication are also cultivated in the pupils through this sport. This year, our school teams had proudly represented our school in the South Zone Basketball Championship. In every round that they competed, the school teams made tremendous improvements without fail. Despite competing for the first time, our junior girls’ team managed to move from the Preliminary Rounds and into the Semi-Finals.  We look forward to representing the school in more future competitions.

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