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Infocomm Club

Infocomm Club

At Zhangde Infocomm Club, our main focus for 2016 is on Robotics. Our training programme focuses on developing members’ competencies in building and operating robots as a team under the guidance of a professional trainer. Basic robotics and simple programming skills are taught to create movements in the robots.

Through team work, pupils learn how to communicate and cooperate well with one another. They also learn to be responsible individuals as they contribute ideas and findings in order to fix and operate their robots.

Apart from Robotics, members also learn basic photography and videography skills. The club also shares and provides our members’ expertise on photography and videography to teachers in the school, rendering their services (e.g. Lunar New Year short video clip) whenever the need arises. Through these various platforms, the members have the opportunities to apply the skills which they have learnt and translate them into products which they can showcase to the school.

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